SIMONHOLT – Food,Drink and Live Music

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Lavender Empress Martini | 10.50   10z

Lavender simple syrup, layered with 1oz of Empress Gin, shaken with fresh lemon and a half-sugared rim. Make it a 2oz with Ketel One vodka, same price for 2oz (not as pretty or delicious, but we’re bias)


The “Not Sure Yet” | 8.50   10z

Not sure on what to order? Try this refreshing blend of Gin, Soho, Pineapple juice and soda. Served over ice with a lime wedge


Maple Ol’ Fashioned | 12.95   2oz

Bulleit Bourbon, freshly squeezed lemon, maple syrup and a splash of bitters. Shaken and served with a large ice cube and garnished with rosemary.


Far East Martini | 12.95   2oz

It’s baaaaaaack by popular request! Tanqueray Gin, soho, and grapefruit juice. Shaken and garnished with basil.


The Brad Mule | 9.00   1oz

Overflowing with ice, 1oz of Ketel One vodka, mixed with fresh minced ginger and our homemade margarita mix. Add simple syrup for sweetness upon request only.



The SimonHolt Soda $8 1oz

Shaft $10 2oz

Cucumber Fizz   $9 1oz

Elderflower Spritz $9 1oz

Moscow Mule   $9 1oz

Peachberry Martini $10 2oz

Blackberry Lemonade $9 1oz